Setting up an Environment


To run this tutorial, you need to have nevow available to python and you’ll need the files in the doc/howto tree. You don’t even have to install nevow; the examples will run within the source tree.

Combinator: The Divmod Way

Using SVN with Combinator is the best way to try out the example code in-place (and hop between other SVN branches in the future). This is how we develop and test our applications at Divmod. If you have a system installation of Twisted that you don’t want to update or interfere with, you can use this method without installing anything.

  1. Create a projects directory or change to some other test directory of your choice:

    $ mkdir ~/Projects
    $ cd ~/Projects
  2. If you don’t have the`twisted library <>`_ , check it out now:

    $ svn co svn:// Twisted/trunk
  3. Then get Combinator and Nevow (and the rest of Divmod). See the`CombinatorTutorial <>`_ for more about these special checkout paths.

    $ svn co Divmod/trunk
  4. Set up the Combinator environment in this shell. You’ll need this step in any future test shells since it adjusts PATH and PYTHONPATH:

    $ eval `python Divmod/trunk/Combinator/`
    (some "link:" lines are normal)
  5. Register both the Twisted and Divmod (and thus Nevow+Athena) codebases with Combinator:

    $ chbranch Twisted trunk
    $ chbranch Divmod trunk
  6. You can check to see if your environment is ready to go by running the tutorial tests (from any directory, after executing the previous command):

    $ trial nevow.test.test_howtolistings

    If they all pass, you’re ready to begin the tutorial.

Standard distutils Installation

If you don’t want to manage branches and environments with Combinator, you can install our code in the standard site-packages directory. You’ll still need the source tree so you can use the files in doc/howto.

For those that would prefer the “old way,” here’s how you do it:

  1. Create a projects directory:

    $ mkdir ~/Projects
    $ cd ~/Projects
  2. Checkout and install the latest Twisted:

    $ svn co svn:// Twisted
    $ cd Twisted
    $ sudo python install
    $ cd ../
  3. Checkout and install Nevow:

    $ svn co Nevow
    $ cd Nevow
    $ sudo python install
    $ cd ../

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